Free Online Slots Casino Tournaments for USA Players

There are quite a few online casino tournaments running at Raging Bull Casino for players from the USA. While some require a real-money buy-in's there are also plenty available for free. These tournaments give players an excellent chance to compete against one another in their favorite games or slots for a chance to win prizes at the end. This playing format gives players quite the adrenaline rush of competition, as they play against each other and not against the house and casino tournaments are therefore increasingly gaining popularity here at Raging Bull Casino.


How Online Tournaments Work

As opposed to regular casino wagers, in casino tournaments, all participants are given a set number of "credits" or chips to start with. It is then up to the players to grow this initial stack using in a set time period by making wagers in the chosen game. At the end of the tourney, the player with the maximum chip count gets 1st place, the one with the second most gets 2nd place, and so on.

To start with, contestants must register for the tournament - this registration is for people who already have an account with Raging Bull (even if no real-money deposit has been made so far), so remember to sign-up to be eligible for tournaments. Registration into a specific tournament means buying-in to the event - this can be either via an entry fee, or they can be freerolls (i.e. free to enter), or via tournament tickets which are issued to regular players from time to time. Exclusive tournaments for VIP players also exist for those who play here frequently. After the tournament starts, you need to start wagering your credits and aim to maximize returns by the end of the tournament. The prize structure at the end is typically staggered - the first few finishers get the most significant amount while winning amounts generally taper off after that. Winnings are paid out in the form of either cash, bonus money, or bonus spins.


Different Kinds of Casino Tournaments

There are various kinds of casino tournaments but the most popular one for USA players involves blackjack, roulette, poker, and slots as the competing games. In all these tournaments, players are given the same amount of chips to start with and each must aim to maximize returns by the end of the event - the actual amount won is irrelevant, what matters is how much you have in relation to other players in the tournament. So maybe you've increased your starting stack of 100 credits to only 120 by the end of it, but if it's more than anyone else, you win! Of course, if at any time your stack falls to 0, then you are out of the tournament. The number of competitors depends on the type of tournament - "Scheduled" tourneys typically have a large player pool, while "Sit & Go" events have just a few players competing.


Free Slots Tournaments

Not all casino tournaments require an entry fee - there are plenty of freeroll events available, especially for USA players. These free to enter events generally involve a slots game and are usually part of promotional offers, so you do not need to make a deposit to participate. All you need is to sign up on the site and register for the particular tournament in advance and you are good to go. A game as well as a starting time will be assigned to you and you can start spinning the wheel at the allotted time and try to increase your stack as much and as fast as possible. There will be a leaderboard where you can check out how the competition is doing and where you stand in relation to them.

A good strategy is to win these tournaments is by placing maximum bets on all play lines - it's no point trying to increase your stack in small increments as the target is to make the most amount of money in a limited amount of time. It is, therefore, also a good idea to play fast as making more wagers will increase your chances of making more chips. At the end of it all, you may easily end up winning a decent prize so these tournaments are certainly worth it - at worst, you will come out having had a lot of fun while also burning the competitive fire in you. Good luck!